How to Toilet Train Your Beagle

I live with my beagle since he was 6 months old and his name is Biscuit. Together we made it to the third year living along under the same roof. Beagles today makes a wonderful family pet but, like other dogs, beagles require training. Like many of the hound breeds, beagles tend to be independent and able to think on their own. This can make them a little stubborn at times. Regularity is very important when training any dog and especially so when training a beagle dog.  

One of the most annoying problems that most dog owners will probably encounter is they pee and poop everywhere! Hence, today I’m here to share my very own experience in handling this problem. My method was simple. Whenever my dog pees everywhere, I would carry my dog in front of his pee, lightly slap his mouth and but him feels wrong of what he had done. You have to really talk to your dog as if he understands you. Yes your dog will understand you in time to come. After some time and money on some beagle training e-book guide about how to train up my beagle, and also years of experience training up beagles, I believe I possible a decent qualification to talk about training beagles. That’s the most reliable and affordable dog training e-book that have effectively guide me thus far. Instead of dumping me with rigid and boring guides about training beagles, this e-book has taught me creative and eye-opening methods to train up my young little beagle. I decided to share some guides mentioned in the e-books. If you guys are interested to know which e-books I refer to, kindly click at this link for further details.

Well, in terms of toilet training, I do have something more to share.

Beagles are completely idiots in toilet training, but it is still possible to train them. Stringent hygiene is essential so your dog will always know that you are serious about where he can and cannot pee or poops.  Follow the steps I suggested below could effectively toilet train your little beagle.

■  Train your beagle in identifying the right spot, location or place to pee and poop;

■  Carefully monitor your beagle behaviours before it pee or poop and then guide and train the    dog to pee and poop according to your desired manner

■  Bring the dog’s for walk soon after he got up from sleep, play or meals

■  Take him out before bedtime.

It’s a solid fact that beagles are intuitively prefers to stay clean. If you watch a beagle that has been tied up or left in a kennel, he will automatically defecate away from where he eats and sleeps. You will be able to use this to your advantage when training your dog to use one particular spot for his or her physical needs. It’s a good idea to choose one specific spot where your dog will be eliminating before you even bring the beagle home. The best way to do this is to pick a spot, perhaps in the corner of the yard where your dog will be comfortable defecating. Some dogs prefer to do their business on grass, while others will actively seek out dirt. If you know ahead of time which type of area your dog prefers, this will help you prepare a nice spot. Beagles will instinctively avoid defecating or urinating within living areas, so you’ll need to make sure he understands that the entire house is considered a living area. If you are crate training, you can simply move the crate from room to room, while keeping the dog inside. Otherwise, establish one spot as a sleeping and playing area and then begin to move the dog’s bed and toys from room to room until he has accepted that the house is his home. Be sure to progress slowly so the dog has a chance to get used to each area.  To further learning about crate training, do click here for more golden information and guide.

Beagle owners should always practice the virtue of consistency while toilet training the dog because beagles do very well on a schedule and this goes for a feeding schedule, as well. If you are starting with a small beagle, you’ll notice that he needs to eliminate after each feeding. So, once he has eaten, simply take him to the assigned toilet area and let him do his thing. Your dog will catch on very quickly that this is where he should be defecating. Beagle training is an ongoing, consistent effort.

Rewards your beagle when he did it right….

Rewards every time your beagle uses the assigned elimination area will help increase his interest in the toilet training. You don’t necessarily need to use edible treats, simply responding with a fun toy or verbal praise is often more than enough to let your dog know that you are pleased with him. By staying patient, not getting upset when your dog slips up and being sure to let him know that you are happy when he uses the toilet area, you’ll find that most dogs pick up the idea of house training rather rapidly. Confusion or being shut up indoors can cause delays in the learning process, so be sure to be consistent and calm about the whole thing. Your dog wants to please you and by using his natural instincts, you are encouraging traits that will come naturally to your pet. Henceforth, I personally do suggest that you invest a little for the knowledge in “educating” your own beagle since beagles are such interesting creature.  Some good beagle training e-books will definitely do you good and waive off many of your troubles in handling your naughty beagle. =)